Are there any affordable plans for my business under 50 employees?

Yes, there have been several carriers that have jumped into the small and micro business arena offering competitive rates.

Why does my business need life insurance?

This one has many answers, but speaking specifically from a business perspective, Key-Man policies and Buy-Sell Agreements can be funded via a life insurance policy; resulting in significant savings for the employer.

What kind of tax savings are available to me via the insurance market?

IRS Section 125 allows for health, medical and preventative plans to be taken out on a pre-tax basis, giving your business and its employees a lower tax basis, ergo saving money on both scenarios.

What is the minimum number of employees needed to start a retirement plan?

As little as one employee.

What does Sunshine Life & Health Advisors charge to assess my business and its potential needs?

The assessment is completely free and devoid of any commitments.