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Our Approach

Our Approach:

We are in the business of providing solutions.  To truly fulfill the needs of a business and its ownership group, alongside the employees, is to build a trustful relationship.  After this initial phase has been accomplished, then we can move to consulting and suggesting adequate solutions based on every individual business.  We aim to provide an A La Carte service filled with combinative answers that correctly match or supersede expectations.

Our Story

Our Story:

Sunshine Life & Health Advisors was founded on the principals of altruistically informing the community of the necessities they didn’t know existed. Since our inception in 2013, we have provided insurance coverage to over a quarter million of Americans nationwide. We are amongst the largest FMO’s in the nation in terms of premium and production.  The competitive advantage we can offer our customers is unprecedented; we can offer fully customizable plans exclusive to our firm.

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Odalys Arevalo

Managing Partner

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Mercy Cabrera

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